Universal Anti-Skid IceCclip Shoe Pair Pair Of Snow  Traction Device Crampons

On snowy days, full of confidence on the taxiway

Our ice-absorbing equipment is designed to help people navigate safely and quickly and confidently on snowy days (the ground is wet and easy to fall),

but with the shoe clipper, this situation will never happen again!


1. Lightweight and easy to put crampons, suitable for outdoor mountaineering, but also suitable for indoor use of snow and ice weather,

especially suitable for older children to go out to use the snow and ice slide season, fast, easy to carry, light.

 2. Weight: 0.125kg

3. Material: rubber + steel
4. Size: 180mm × 139mm × 4mm / 7.1in × 5.5in × 0.2in (with elasticity).
5. All steel material, durable.
6. Screw design, good anti-slip effect.
7. TPR rubber, light and flexible.
8. Diamond sole with strong grip.
9. Firmly wrap the sole.
(1) Anti-skid shoes designed for outdoor ice and snow walking on the ground.
(2) The material of the shoe cover is made of special wear-resistant and tensile rubber. The studs at the bottom of the shoe cover are made of high-strength alloy and have good wear resistance.
(3) Shoe cover size is 35-43 sole
(4) Usage: This product can be placed on the sole
(5) can be easily placed on most footwear.
(6) Ideal for ice, snow, and wet sidewalks and rocks.
(7) Studs provide excellent traction on ice and snow.
1. Reduce the risk of falling snow or snow and ice to work, school, shopping, and even snow falling in the fall
2. Super elastic outer band with heel tab for easy to wear and take off shoes; ideal for pedestrians, professionals and the elderly
3. Not only is it very suitable for snow and ice, but also a good idea to walk on muddy roads.
4. Today, most of us live in cities, we need to work, shop, go out with friends and so on.
Therefore, for us in winter, the ice traction of the shoes is necessary. Whether you are walking, running or working on crowded ice and snow, you can walk confidently.
For the snowy mountains
This type of shoe ice clip is best for the following people: athletes, construction workers, public service personnel, soldiers, outdoor activities and anyone who lives, works and entertains in winter.
Especially for older women who want to have children, the weak and mountain climbers. It is an essential item!
a pair of shoe clippers


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Rubber + manganese steel

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Universal Anti-skid Icecclip Shoe Pair Of Snow Traction Device Crampons Spike Shoe Snow Ice Climbing Shoe Grips Ледоступы
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