Product Name: Whitening Cleaner for Little White Shoes
Capacity: 30/100g
Function: Decontamination, whitening, anti-oxidation

1. The most important function:
It restores white color through chemical reaction. Unlike other whitening shoes, it removes yellow dirt through chemical reaction and restores its natural essence.
2. Upper safety:
It is formulated with a mild formula, no damage to the shoe material and surface, safe and harmless.
3. Easy to use:
There is no need to adjust the ratio by yourself, and it comes with a squeeze nozzle, which is easy to operate, evenly spread, and does not pollute your hands.
4. Widely used:
It can be used for yellowing of various white shoes, such as shell-toe shoes, canvas shoes, sports shoes, air force shoes, etc.

1. Clean the dirt on the surface of the yellowed part of the shoe.
2. Stick the tape (not included in the package) on the edge of the yellowed position of the shoe.
3. Apply the cleaner to the yellowed position of the shoes, with a thickness of about 3-5mm.
4. Let stand for 1-3 hours.
5. Wipe off the applied detergent with a soft cloth (not included in the package). If there is any residue, use a soft brush dampened with water to clean it.

The product should be coated on the white part, and the colored part should be covered with masking paper.
Before use, use masking tape around the white area to avoid misuse. If it is applied by mistake, please wipe it clean and rinse with water in time to avoid discoloration.
Please do not mix it with other redox agents and cleaning agents.

Package Included:
1×White shoe cleaner

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